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42                                                              42 Management & Production (en-GB) Submissions (                                        

A for Authors                                          Contact – A for Authors, your Literary Agency            

Aitken Alexander                                   Submissions – Aitken Alexander Associates

AM Heath                                                Submission Form | AM Heath Literary Agents

Andrew Mann                                         Submissions (

Andrew Lownie                                      Andrew Lownie Literary Agency :: How to Submit

AnnIe Bomke                                          ABLiterary Submissions                                      

Anne Clark Literary Agency                Submissions | Anne Clark Literary Agency               

Artellus Ltd                                              Artellus Ltd – Literary Agency Est. 1986 || Fiction, Non-Fiction, and everything in between.

Austin Macauley                                    Accepting Submissions In All Genres | Austin Macauley Publishers

Blake Fiedmann                                     Submissions — Blake Friedmann                                

Brotherstone Creative                          Contact - Brotherstone Creative Management (

Caroline Davidson Literary Agency  SUBMISSIONS PROCEDURE | cdla

Caroline Sheldon                                   Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency        

Charlie Campbell Literary Agents     Submissions • Charlie Campbell (

Cooke McDermid                                   CookeMcDermid

Curtis Brown Creative                          Curtis Brown Submissions

C & W Agency                                         Pages – undefined - C&W Agency (

Creative Authors                                   Join Us - Creative Authors

Darley Anderson                                   Submitting your book or manuscript | Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency, London, UK

David Godwin Associates                   Submissions — DGA (

David Higham                                        Submissions - David Higham Associates

Diamond Kahn & Woods                     Submissions - DKW Literary Agency (

DHH Literary Agency                           Submissions - D H H ​​literary agency (

Elise Dillsworth Agency                       SUBMISSIONS | Elise Dillsworth Agency

Eve White                                               Submissions | Eve White Literary Agency

Faith Evans Associates                       Literary Agency | Faith Evans Associates Literary Agency | London UK (

Felicity Bryan Associates                   Submissions - Felicity Bryan Associates

Fischer-Harbage Agency                   Submissions | The Fischer-Harbage Agency (

Fox & Howard Literary Agents           Submissions (

Fraser Ross Associates                      Submissions – Fraser Ross Associates

Georgina Capel Associates Ltd        Submissions – Georgina Capel

Graham Maw Christie                         How to submit a book proposal - Graham Maw Christie Agency

Greene & Heaton                                  Submission Guidelines | Greene & Heaton (

Hardman Swainson                             Submissions - Hardman & Swainson (

Jane Conway-Gordon                         Submissions - Jane Conway-Gordon Ltd Literary Agent (

Janklow & Nesbit UK                           Submissions | Janklow & Nesbit (

Jenny Brown Associates                    submission procedure - Jenny Brown Associates

Joanna Devereux Literary Agency  CONTACT and SUBMISSIONS | joannadevereux

Johnson & Alcock                                Submissions — Johnson & Alcock (

Jonathan Clowes                                 Contact | UK | Jonathan Clowes Ltd. Literary Agents

Jonathan Conway                               Contact (

Judith Murdoch                                    SUBMISSIONS | Judith Murdoch Literary Agency

Julie Crisp Literary Agency               Julie Crisp

Kate Barker Literary Agency             Submissions | Kate Barker Literary Agency | Fiction & non-fiction

Kate Nash                                              Submissions – Kate Nash Literary Agency Ltd.

KHLA                                                       Submissions - KHLA

Ki-Agency                                              Contact and Submissions – Ki Agency (

LBA Books                                             Submissions Guidelines - LBA Books

Lindsay Literary Agency                    Submissions | Lindsay Literary Agency

Lutyens and Rubinstein                     Submissions - Lutyens & Rubinstein (

Madeliene Milburn                               Submission Guidelines - Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency

Marjacq                                                  SUBMISSIONS - Marjacq

Mic Cheetham Agency                       Submissions | Mic Cheetham Agency

MBB Creative                                        Literary Submissions - MMB Creative

Mushens Entertainment                     Submissions Overview — Mushens Entertainment (

Andrew Nurnberg                               Submissions - Andrew Nurnberg Associates International Ltd.Andrew Nurnberg Associates International Ltd.       Paper Literary                                      Paper Literary

Knight Agency                                      The Knight Agency - Our Submission Guidelines

PFD                                                          Books - Peters Fraser and Dunlop (PFD) Literary Agents (

Rachel Mills Literary                            Contact | RML (

Rochelle Stevens & Co                        submissions - Rochelle Stevens

Redhammer Management                 Submissions – Redhammer Management

Richford Becklow Literary Agency  Submissions (

Robert Dudley Literary Agency        Robert Dudley Agency

Robert Caskie Ltd                                Submissions — Robert Caskie

Rogers Coleridge & White                 Submissions | RCW Literary Agency (

Sheil Land Associates                        SUBMISSIONS | sheil-land (

Simon Trewin                                        Submissions – Simon Trewin

Skylark Literary Limited                     Skylark Literary - Submission Guidelines for Children's books & YA fiction — Skylark Literary (

Sophie Hicks Agency                          Submissions & Rights — Sophie Hicks Agency

Susanna Lea Associates                   Submissions - Susanna Lea Associates

Teresa Chris Literary Agency           Teresa Chris Literary Agency

The Agency                                           The Agency | Submission guidelines | The Agency

The Ampersand Agency                    Green light for Wilderness! | submissions | The Ampersand Agency

The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency     BookTrust’s Great Books Guide 2021: best new children’s books! | submissions | Bell Lomax Moreton

The Bent Agency                                 Submission Guidelines | The Bent Agency

The Blair Partnership                         Choosing your Literary Agent | Submissions | The Blair Partnership

The Bravo Blue Literary Agency — The Bravo Blue Agency

The Catchpole Agency                       Submissions - The Catchpole Agency

The Feldstein Agency                         Contacts and Submissions (

The Good Literary Agency                 Submissions - The Good Literary Agency

The North                                               Hit the North – The North Literary Agency (

The Sayle Literary Agency                My Site - SUBMISSIONS (

The Soho Agency                                Literary Submissions | The Soho Agency

The Wylie Agency Ltd                         The Wylie Agency

Tiber Jones & Associates                   About - Tibor Jones

United Agents                                       Submission Guidelines | United Agents

Watson Little                                         Submissions - Watson Little

Welbeck Publishing Group                Book Submissions | Welbeck Publishing Group

Zeno Literary Agency                         Submission Guidelines – Zeno Agency Ltd.        






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