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The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Alice Hunter

The Blurb

In a sleepy Devon village, a woman is taken from the streets. Local vet Jenny is horrified. This kind of thing doesn’t happen here.

But it’s not the first time she’s been so close to a crime scene. The daughter of a prolific serial killer, she’s spent her whole life running from who she really is.

And the crime is harrowingly similar to those her father committed all those years ago…

About the Author

After completing a psychology degree, Alice Hunter became an interventions facilitator in a prison. There, she was part of a team offering rehabilitation programmes to men serving sentences for a wide range of offences, often working with prisoners who'd committed serious violent crimes. Previously, Alice had been a nurse, working in the NHS. She now puts her experiences to good use in fiction. THE SERIAL KILLER'S WIFE draws heavily on her knowledge of psychology and the criminal mind.

The Review

This book was always going to snap my attention just from the title. I understand that the Author’s daughter book is called The Serial Killer’s Wife however I haven’t read it but got to start by saying I’m going to be getting a copy after reading this one.

In this novel, we jump straight in with both feet, the novel being told through the eyes of Mark and Jenny, who are married and live in the countryside with their two children aged 6 and 8. Jenny is a vet and lives locally but there are clearly already a lot of secrets that they are keeping from each other, Jenny in particular in respect of her childhood holding onto a lot of resentment towards her mum who she has not seen since she left home aged 17. But Mark is not one to pry and is concerned about his wife as she has regular blackouts and night frights that he feels unable to deal with. Add to that the affair that the couple are still unable to really speak about, their relationship is clearly going through some pretty sensitive emotions.

But as if that wasn’t dramatic enough, Mark tells Jenny that there has been an abduction of a woman from the village, Olivia, who is the woman Mark was having an affair with. It’s made the National News and with the Police search comes Jenny and Mark’s own reflection and suspicion of each other. Jenny is already living on a nerve’s edge with dead animals being placed on her doorstep, something that is clearly intended for her but by whom, she could not possibly imagine.

One thing is clear, you’re in for a thrill of a ride in the hands of the Author. It’s exquisitely tense from the very beginning until the very ending.

I was really impressed by the fact that despite Jenny’s background, the dead animals turning up on the doorstep, the missing person all leading to the possibility that this was always going to be Jenny’s destiny as the daughter of a serial killer, you still have great passion for her character, understand what she’s going through and don’t want her to be the person responsible.

The Serial Killer’s Daughter is terribly compelling and I finished it in days as it swept me up in the whirlwind of wanting to know who could possibly be responsible and strangely wanting to know more about her father.

Everyone surrounding Jenny comes under suspicion including Jenny and her husband Mark which was very cleverly done and as it neared the end, I did have my suspicions but there were so many twists with the book being so fast paced, I really didn’t have time to consider in which direction the Author was taking us in which is something that I love about any thriller and I was completely immersed in both the characters and the story.

The world could’ve ended when I was reading this book and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Book available for pre-order – release date – 21st July 2022:-

The Serial Killer’s Daughter: The addictive, chilling new crime thriller for 2022 from the author of bestselling sensation THE SERIAL KILLER’S WIFE eBook : Hunter, Alice: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

Date of review: 21st April 2022

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