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Updated: Apr 27, 2021


People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd

The Blurb

“She has an easy life but makes a living from pretending otherwise. She has a husband who hates the spotlight but can’t step away. She has a million followers who adore her but one who wants her to suffer. She hasn’t realised her family is in danger yet – but she will.”

My Review

This is my first current review, not a delayed one since I decided to put my passion for reading into something more than that.

When I read the blurb, I was very excited by this novel. I love a good psychological thriller – they are most definitely what I choose 9 times out of 10. Certainly, they are books that I love to write as well as read. A good twist is the thing I love the most so I’m very much looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in.

Ellery Lloyd is the pseudonym for London based husband and wife team, Collette Lyons and Paul Vlitos. I mean utter respect that a husband and wife could spend their days together with this as their main job and not kill each other (only joking I promise, I have no intention of ever harming my husband of nearly 19 years despite the contents of my second novel, Guilty)!!

I believe I may be right in my research that this was their first book written together and they have another one due for release on the 1st June 2021, ‘Like Hate’ but please correct me if I’m wrong. One thing’s for sure, I will definitely be pre-ordering that now I’ve finished People Like Her.

I feel that now is the perfect time to release a page-turning novel that gets under your skin and stops you from wanting to turn out the light each night. It feels like it’s been raining for weeks here in the UK. Schools remain closed due to the lockdown and I’m trying my best to keep the children on track with home schooling despite my youngest, needing to be dragged out of bed each morning and being steered through the work being set. It’s a boy thing everyone says. It’s probably been a bit of a revelation. I thought it was after years of marriage that made my husband tune out but I think it’s actually just the genetic.

So as nothing is open and there’s literally nothing that anyone can do socially whilst we await our appointments for the vaccine, when I get away from the laptop and the chores, I get to sit with a cappuccino or hot chocolate on the sofa listening to the relaxing ‘white noise’ of rain and read. It also stops me from snacking, a habit that I’m struggling to rid myself of since lockdown year began.

Getting on with the review of People like her, it’s brilliantly written. I was certainly hooked from the first few pages. The chapters are written from the perspective of Emmy, her husband Dan and Emmy’s stalker, I guess you’d call him/her for want of a better word. Certainly, makes you wonder if Collette Lyons took the role of the wife and Paul Vlitos took the role of the husband. It’s wonderfully detailed. This was by far my favourite of Emmy Jackson describing becoming a parent: -

‘There will be some mums out there who thought they were going to hate it and have surprised themselves, and others who thought they’d love it and simply didn’t. Some of us are wonderful. Some of us are wankers.’

This book has certainly taught me a lot about what an influencer is and does! It’s a completely other world but very interesting and the way it is depicted and brought into the story is totally original.

I’ve got to be honest, halfway through the book I was certainly rooting more for the antagonist than the protagonists. Her story was brought to life in a totally heartfelt way. There’s some truly stunning wording from this character that really makes you feel the pain that she’s been through and wanting to know what the straw was that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. Should I be in support of this lonely woman. Is that what the author intended? I most certainly do. I find her fascinating and her struggle is so well written.

At what stage do you trust a Writer to get you to the end of the book and keep you gripped? The style of writing? The fact that you care so much about the characters that you need to see how it ends? The story being so thrilling you have to know? In People Like Her, it was every single one of these things in abundance. The style of writing is exactly how most people I know think, speak and process things. The littlest details are in places humorous and beguiling. I cared so much about the antagonist that I desperately didn’t want for her to do anything awful. And the thrill that I did not have a clue where the Author was going to take me.

But the ending was brilliant. Satisfying and it turned my thoughts on the characters completely.

A brilliant read.

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Review dated: 29.01.2021

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