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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

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Unknown Vengeance by Pat O’Brien

The Blurb

A serial killer is terrorizing members of the medical community in Buffalo, NY. Veteran Detective, Rhody Richardson, is leading the investigation with his partner, Detective Wayne. Victims have been disfigured and tortured - faces sliced, numbers carved into their chests. The brilliant, but young, forensic intern, Connor Patrick, tries desperately to make sense of the numbers but cannot find a pattern.

The killer has promised ten victims, but Richardson, and psychiatric consultant Dr. Kaileen Taylor believe it will continue well past that number. At each of the gruesome crime scenes, the killer has left cryptic poems with different names. Richardson ventures down a dangerous path, deciphering what the killer is trying to tell them before they escape justice into the eternal void of the unknown.

The Review

This is the third thriller in the past month that I've given five stars too. I feel like I'm on a roll as I have loved every single one of them including this excellent crime novel.

This thriller plunges head-first into the serial killer’s first and second victims, both achieved an hour apart. From the outset, I could not put the book down. The characters are brilliantly written, especially the detectives who find themselves investigating the murders. In particular from the outset, you want the new forensic intern Connor Patrick to do well. After all he’s picked up on so many of the clues and despite clearly being a terribly shy geek, who I could picture perfectly, I found that I was cheering him on throughout.

Whoever the killer is, is a pretty sick guy that’s for sure but immediately I cared and needed to know who would do such a thing and why and that’s pretty impressive to achieve in the first couple of chapters of the book. The subject matter is approached articulately and with an emotional depth that is imperative given the book’s theme.

Each of the serial killers’ victims are introduced before their demise which builds the suspense up immeasurably making you feel emotionally involved before they meet their death; witnessing the fear through their eyes, knowing what is to come.

The clues and the unveiling of the serial killer was perfectly timed without losing the tension. I hurtled through this book desperate to know how it was going to end and whether the lead Detectives Richardson and Wayne would be able to identify the killer in time.

Each page is easy to imagine with its rich descriptions of the surroundings and characters that have been written superbly and with a lot of consideration to their different plights in life.

I hope there’s more from this Author in terms of the characters in this novel of Rhody Richardson and his team. It would be wonderful to see them fronting another crime spree.

I can see this book being made into a feature film or a Netflix series it’s that captivating, intriguing and addictive. I do hope so.

This is a top class thriller and definitely a novel to put on your ‘to be read’ lists.

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Review dated: 14.05.2021

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