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The Cottage by Daniel Judson

The Blurb

A widowed mother is terrorized by a stalker with unfathomable intent in a novel of cold-blooded suspense by the Shamus Award–winning author of The Temporary Agent.

When Kate Burke is awakened one night by a sound outside her window, her PTSD is triggered. Was it simply a deer crossing her secluded backyard? Or was it intruders? Because Kate still lives with the dreadful memories of her husband’s murder during a seemingly random home invasion two years before, she knows the answer can mean the difference between life and death.

But when she discovers the unsettling ways her property has been vandalized the next day, Kate is forced to conclude the worst: someone is watching her.

Kate decides to rent out her estranged sister’s onetime cottage, which sits on her property, for the summer. Another set of eyes around the place won’t hurt. And with additional support from friends and family, Kate should be feeling safe.

Instead, the vandalism is escalating. So are the anonymous late-night calls and texts, each one more disturbing and violating than the last. Whoever is targeting Kate, whatever their motive or terrifying endgame, the footsteps in the dark are getting closer.

About the Author

#1 Amazon bestselling author Daniel Judson was born and raised in Connecticut.

A Shamus Award winner (and four-time finalist), his most recent works included THE TEMPORARY AGENT, THE ROGUE AGENT, and THE SHADOW AGENT.

His thirteenth novel, THE COTTAGE, will be released November 2nd, 2021.

The Review

This is a really slow burner and if I’m completely honest, I’m particularly impatient and love the thrill kicking off from the very start so this novel is reviewed based on the fact that this wasn’t really for me. I certainly struggled to push through as the pace is quite subtle.

Whilst I definitely felt a connection with Kate and the loss she was suffering, trying to carry on as a single parent with her 12-year-old twins, I didn’t care enough to rise to the bait as to who was vandalising her property and stalking her. It the beginning, the police, who are called out by her retired police officer father-in-law, believe that it could potentially be one of her students from school. Kate’s husband, also a police officer, had been killed two years previously by an intruder.

But for me there is something missing with the suspense that I crave and unfortunately, the book lost me. There were lots of chapters where nothing happened nor added to the back story. I found some of the writing style quite difficult to know what was going on and perhaps this was the reason for the disconnect.

However just because this is not my type of book, don’t be put off by my opinions as all in all, I could see this as the perfect novel for a different type of reader.

The highlight of the book was the relationship between Kate and her sister Rebecca which is fraught with emotion and when she’s involved in the story more, I definitely sat up and took notice.

Book available for pre-order – release date – 02.11.2021:-

The Cottage eBook : Judson, Daniel: Kindle Store

Date of review: 20.10.2021

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