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Updated: Apr 27, 2021


Who killed Miss Finch by Peter Boon

The Blurb

Do YOU love a classic WHODUNNIT?

Edward Crisp does.

That is, until hated local Head Teacher, Miss Finch, is found dead and shy school librarian Edward finds himself at the centre of a murder investigation.

Motives and alibis, secrets and lies, a ton of suspects and a sharp police detective, all in the tiny seaside village of Chalk Gap: every ingredient for the type of quintessential mystery novel

‘Miss Edward loves.

Except this time it isn’t fiction: the suspects are Edward’s friends, colleagues and neighbours, and the detective is a face from his past he’d rather forget.

No, this is very real - although Edward can’t quite convince his enthusiastic teenage library assistant, Noah, who happily thinks one of their beloved murder mysteries has come to life.

Can Edward overcome his crippling anxiety and face up to reality, in order to solve the mystery himself?

Can Edward Crisp work out WHO KILLED MISS FINCH?

The Review

My book choice for this week was completely unexpected. I was about to read a new release thriller book but then I saw this come up on my daughter’s College newsletter of a local Author and decided to give it a try.

This is not my usual genre as you’ll probably realise but it’s good sometimes to read something different.

The novel is a YA revolving around a socially awkward college librarian who loves, and I mean loves, whodunnits and the detective books of the like, assisted by Noah, a pupil who suffers from autism. Miss Finch has been found murdered and put it like this, she’s not terribly liked by her peers or the students, so there’s quite a few suspects.

Loved this description: ‘Miss Finch was five feet tall at the very most, but whoever said ‘good things come in small packages’ hadn’t met her.’ Made me smile.

The book is set just outside of Eastbourne and therefore it was lovely to have the depiction of local places from the area I live portrayed in such a brilliant setting.

Though I’m clearly not the intended market as this is a YA novel, I can very much appreciate that for the YAs this is pure genius. The characters are all so loveable. I particularly like Edward’s side-kick, Noah, who is clearly not your typical Dr Watson but brings an abundance of character, reality and likeability to the murder of Miss Finch.

The fact that the narrator, Edward, has to consider his colleagues adds a whole new dimension which is very well written but also very engaging and at times, comical.

I’ve recommended the novel to my 12-year-old son as this is right up his street.

You can buy a copy on the following link:


Review dated: 19.02.21

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