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Updated: Jun 30, 2021


Can you see me now by Trisha Sakhlecha

The Blurb

Fifteen years ago, three sixteen-year-old girls meet at Wescott, an exclusive private school in India.

Two, Sabah and Noor, are the most popular girls in their year. One, Alia, is a new arrival from England, who feels her happiness depends on their acceptance. Before she knows it, Sabah and Noor’s intoxicating world of privilege and intimacy opens up to Alia and, for the first time, after years of neglect from her parents, she feels she is exactly where, and with whom, she belongs. But with intimacy comes jealousy, and with privilege, resentment, and Alia finds that it only takes one night for her bright new world to shatter around her. Now Alia, a cabinet minister in the Indian government, is about to find her secrets have no intention of staying buried . . .

The Review

At the start I was a bit unsure as there’s a lot of ‘government’ talk in which I felt a little bit out of my depth if I’m being completely honest.

Fifteen years ago, three 16-year-old girls meet at Wescott, an exclusive private school in India. Two are popular and the third, Alia feels her happiness depends on being accepted.

We follow multiple timelines, between Alia and Sabah in the present and the girls fifteen years ago at school but I also found this quite difficult as each personality felt so different from when they were young.

I didn’t know where this story was going as the Author leads you down one path and the twist spins you in an absolute U-turn. But the twist was explosive. I certainly didn’t expect that. When I realised what was happening, I didn’t think it would be able to be pulled off well but it all wrapped up in the end and I thought it very clever. Whilst I found the book very well written, it did feel hard to connect and I wasn’t didn’t feel the sadness you can experience when I got to the end of it. I’ve tried to analyse why, but it’s something I just can’t put my finger on. It could be something as simple as the impact and love I had had for ‘Girl A’ which I’d read the week before.

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Review dated: 12.02.21

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