Ratings Guide

No spoilers in any of my reviews.

Ratings are from three stars up to five stars, as follows:-



Five stars:   Masterpiece

These books had me hooked from the very beginning and I could not put it down.   Truly splendid; thrilling; exciting.  Something I haven't seen before; an exceptional plot twist that leaves me aghast; an ending I could never have seen coming.  These are the books I would thoroughly recommend that you read.

Four stars:   Outstanding

These books were excellent and I found them hard to put down.  I enjoyed them thoroughly; an excellent novel that thrilled me throughout.  With only a sprinkling of magic missing that stopped me from giving five stars.  I would recommend that you read these books.


Three stars:   Good

These are good books that I enjoyed reading.  They had both good qualities but with a few flaws, and I emphasise this point, the review is only my opinion.  After all, remember I love a thriller that keeps me guessing so you, as a reader with your own personal taste, may have a very different viewpoint.   



If I review a book that I would rate only 1 or 2 stars, with respect to the author, I do not upload the review to my website or to any other social media portal.    
I have never reviewed books that I did not finish.

At the end of each year I do my final wrap-up post, listing my five favourite books, and what it was that made me fall in love with them, what kept me hooked and what kept them in my thoughts.